My dear Emily

這是nile寫給Emily的情書, 同時也是一個謎題, 答案是一個地理名字, 提示是: 這個地方出產一種草, 古代居民用來製紙, 而且他們可能是最早養貓的人

You smile in beauty, like the night of starry skies

Oh! My dear Emily, my sweetie,

I give you my soul, my destiny

God says "Love is to leap life".

For the sake of you company, I'm learning the meaning of love.

And I'll pray for us, forever,

Bitter or better,

Nerver stop.


只看2,4,6,8行句子, 分別看第4,3,2,1個詞,每個詞的第一個字母,分別是ELIN,倒過來就是Nile,就是尼羅河啦!

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